MapQuest Map SDK for iOS  1.1
Deploy maps and map functions natively in iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad
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MQRoute Class Reference

Inherits <NSObject>.

Instance Methods

(void) - getRouteWithStartAddress:endAddress:
(void) - getRouteWithStartCoordinate:endCoordinate:


 The mapview upon which the route will be rendered.
BOOL bestFitRoute
 Should the map be repositioned to a region that best fits the route. Default is YES.
NSArray * maneuvers
 An array of MQManeuver objects sequenced.
id< MQRouteDelegatedelegate
NSString * rawXML
 The unparsed XML response for the route requeset.
MQRouteType routeType
 The type of route to request. Default is 'fastest'.

Detailed Description

A non-reusable route request. Init and configure the MQRoute object, then call one of the getRoute methods to initiate the request

Uses OSM routing unless a commerical key is present in the info.plist of the project
Once a route is retrieved, the contents of this object are still valid, but reconfiguring and re-use behavior is undefined.

Method Documentation

- (void) getRouteWithStartAddress: (NSString *)  startAddress
endAddress: (NSString *)  endAddress 

Initiate a route request using starte and end addresses.

The request is fulfilled async.
startAddressThe beginning point of the route
endAddressThe destination.
- (void) getRouteWithStartCoordinate: (CLLocationCoordinate2D)  startCoordinate
endCoordinate: (CLLocationCoordinate2D)  endCoordinate 

Initiate a route request using starte and end coordinates.

The request is fulfilled async.
startCoordinateThe beginning point of the route
endCoordinateThe destination.

Property Documentation

- (id<MQRouteDelegate>) delegate

The delegate that will be informed that a route is available or that an error occured

The delegate is optional

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