MapQuest Map SDK for iOS  1.1
Deploy maps and map functions natively in iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad
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MQUserLocationView Class Reference
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CGFloat accuracyInMeters
 The level of accuracy represented in meters.
- Properties inherited from MQAnnotationView
id< MQAnnotationannotation
 The MQAnnotation associated with this annotation view. The setter for this property should not be called directly. When the MapView askes the MQMapViewDelegate for a view, the MapView will create the assocation and manage the association between the MQAnnotation and the MQAnnotationView.
CGPoint calloutOffset
 By default, the MQCalloutView is rendered directly above the center of the annotation view. Defaults to CGPointZero. Positive values move the callout view down and to the right. Negative values move the callout view up and to the left.
BOOL canShowCallout
 Will return NO if the property calloutView is null or the annotation is disabled or the MQAnnotation title is empty.
CGPoint centerOffset
 Defaults to CGPointZero. Positive values move the annotation view down and to the right. Negative values move the annotation view up and to the left.
BOOL draggable
 Indicates whether the annotation is draggable or not.
MQAnnotationViewDragState dragState
 Indicates at what state a drag operation is in, if any. Do not set this property directly.
BOOL enabled
UIImage * image
 The image used to render the annotation on the map. This may be set to customize the appearance of the annotation.
UIView * leftCalloutAccessoryView
UIView * rightCalloutAccessoryView
NSString * reuseIdentifier
BOOL selected
 Mark the annotation as selected in its internal state. May or may not have any visual impact how the annotation view is rendered.

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from MQAnnotationView
(id) - initWithAnnotation:reuseIdentifier:
(void) - prepareForReuse
 When an annotation view object is dequeued for reuse, the MQMapView object will call this method prior to returning it. Does nothing by default.
(void) - setDragState:animated:
(void) - setSelected:animated:
(UIView *) - viewForCallout

Detailed Description

A special annotation view that is reserved to represent the view of user's current location on a map

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