Free & Open and Enterprise Edition

We have simplified our licensing structure! As of December 31, 2014, the three types of licenses offered -- Community Edition (Open Data), Community Edition (Licensed Data) and Enterprise Edition (Licensed Data) -- were simplified and condensed into two types of licenses: Free & Open (Open Data) and Enterprise Edition (Licensed Data).

AppKeys that begin with an "F" are Free & Open AppKeys, which can be generated here on the Developer Network. Free & Open AppKeys work with our Free & Open (Open Data) APIs and SDKs.

To find out more about the types of licenses available, please check out our Terms Overview. To see what the differences are between our Licensed Data and Open Data data sources, check out our Licensed Data vs. Open Data comparison.

Announcing Licensed Maps, Geocoding, and Routing Plugins for Leaflet

Leaflet is an open-source, lightweight, and mobile-friendly JavaScript mapping library that embraces modern browser technology. It is also supported by an amazing community of developers that contribute enhancements to both the core library as well as plugins that extend the core functionality.

MapQuest is excited to offer three of our most popular core services -- maps, geocoding, and routing -- as Leaflet plugins so that developers can easily integrate MapQuest services into Leaflet-based applications. Yes, we said easily.

You don't have to take our word for it; find out for yourself and get started today!

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Introducing the Data Manager API
Web Service

Did you know that you can store your geographic data with MapQuest and perform spatial searches on that data using the Search API Web Service? The latest version of Data Manager -- Data Manager v2 -- has been completely re-engineered to support not only point data, but lines and polygons as well. We like to think of Data Manager as being spatially-aware.

Support for the geography data type isn't the only new feature included with Data Manager v2. Data Manager functionality is now exposed through a Web Service. No longer do you need to visit the Developer Network to upload data; you can create tables, upload data, edit data, and perform other Data Manager functions via API calls, which can be easily integrated into custom applications!

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