Are you a former user of the Community Edition (Licensed Data) license? We have simplified our licensing structure for 2015 and you may be impacted by this change. AppKeys that were formerly referred to as "Community Edition" are now called "Free & Open."  Free & Open AppKeys will continue to work with our Free & Open (Open Data) services, hosted on the subdomain. For more information, please visit our Developer Blog.

Application Keys (AppKeys)

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Application Keys or AppKeys, are unique codes which allow you to track usage of the MapQuest Platform in your web applications and identify your application to the MapQuest servers to return the proper content.


AppKey Management

Creating a New AppKey

Select Create AppKey and follow the forms to add another AppKey to your account.


NOTE: When creating a new AppKey, please be sure you are logged in as the user that should be associated with the AppKey. For example, if you're setting up an AppKey for your company, you may not want it attached to your personal account.


Enterprise Edition Customers

If you are activating a new Enterprise AppKey, click Activate Enterprise Account, then enter the Client ID and Password enclosed on your welcome letter e-mail to activate and bind the AppKey to your account.