Enterprise Edition (Licensed Data) APIs & SDKs

Web Services


Web Services provide an easy way to accomplish specific tasks from virtually any programming environment. Many of our Web Services are featured within our client-side APIs (i.e. JavaScript), however, you can use them directly as well.


JavaScript Maps API


This is the workhorse of many a web application, as it is fast, easy to use and transitions well to the mobile web. With built-in map controls, interactive pushpins, geocoding, routing and more, you can get up and running in no time. MapQuest's own mobile web site relies on this same JavaScript Maps API.


Leaflet Plugins


MapQuest offers plugins for the highly popular Leaflet JavaScript mapping framework. The plugins allow users to integrate licensed MapQuest map tiles, routing, and geocoding into applications that are built with Leaflet. Leaflet is also a great choice for mobile Web applications!


Sample Code


If you develop like us, the first thing you look for is sample code. We have featured sample code embedded inline in our developer guides so that you can run samples while you read the docs. Here are some popular developer pages with interesting samples embedded.


Mobile Solutions


Developing interactive maps that work across a variety of mobile devices can be a headache. We have seen the issues up close through our development of both mobile web and native applications for our consumer products. Now you can skip the headaches and go straight to the solutions.