Android Maps API


This is the first beta release of the Android Maps API featuring routing, geocoding, overlays, access to OpenStreetMap data, MapQuest Open Services and more! Please follow the instructions below to help you get started.


Getting Started

If you're new to developing for Android, you should first set up your environment by following the Android SDK Tutorial. This tutorial will involve the following steps:


1. Install Eclipse
2. Install the Android SDK
3. Install the Android Developer Toolkit (ADT) Plugin for Eclipse
4. Install an Android Virtual Device (AVD)


Once you're done with the above, you're now set up for development on Android and ready to begin viewing and testing the beta version of the Android Maps API!


5. Download the Android Maps API and Samples
6. Check out the complete API Reference Guide


If a valid MapQuest key is used, licensed data and services will be used.  If no key is passed, open data and services will be used. For more info on how to sign up for a key, visit the First Steps of the MapQuest Getting Started guide.



As stated above, we provide two sets of documentation for the Android Maps API:



Seen below are some of the screenshots of the samples we've provided, the directions using advanced route options, and a map displaying our MapQuest-OSM tiles.




All questions and feedback related to the beta release of the Android Maps API should be directed to or on our Android Forums. Good luck!