MapQuest Geocoding API


Geocoding is the process of matching addresses with geographic coordinates.  The MapQuest Geocoding API allows you to easily access the MapQuest geocoder through a simple HTTP request.  The Geocoding API supports three major geocoding functions: address, reverse, and batch. 


Geocoding API Resources


Instructions, code samples, and demos all combined in easy-to-follow, easy-to-use documentation.


   Discuss and collaborate with developers who are using the Geocoding API.



Address geocoding

Provide either a single-line address or an address broken down into its component parts (5-box) and receive potential geocodes in order of confidence.


Reverse geocoding

Provide latitude and longitude coordinates and receive the known address information for that location.


Batch geocoding

Quickly geocode up to 100 locations with a single batch function call.


Detailed quality codes

Easily know the quality of the results in terms of granularity and confidence instead of a simple 'yes' or 'no' result code.


Reflected user-provided values

Add your own data into the location object with your request and receive it with the response. Great for helping you maintain state in your application, and for keeping your own information about the location packaged together for your application.


Viewport biasing

If you provide specific bounding box coordinates with your geocode call, ambiguity results within the map boundary will be moved to the top of the results list.


Thumbnail ambiguity maps

Each ambiguity result can return a static map URL that provides a thumbnail image of the ambiguous location, which can be displayed to the end user when disambiguating.


Delimited file output

For any of the geocoding service functions, you can specify outFormat=file and a delimiter= of comma(,) pipe(|) colon(:) or semi-colon(;). The service will then return a delimited text file including a header row, which is especially useful for batch geocoding.


Enterprise licensing

Enterprise Edition licenses include a service-level agreement (SLA), access to technical support engineers in our Denver, Colorado office, 24/7/365 emergency support, an account manager who is dedicated to supporting your account, and most importantly, no limits placed on the number of geocoding requests that can be made per day.  Contact MapQuest Enterprise Solutions for more information about Enterprise Edition licensing.