MapQuest Traffic API


The MapQuest Traffic API allows you to easily retrieve and display traffic flow and incidents for a given map area. Requests can be submitted as Key-Value pairs, JSON and XML. Responses do not have to match the request-type; mix-and-match to fit your development needs.


Traffic API Resources


Instructions, code samples, and demos all combined in easy-to-follow, easy-to-use documentation.


Discuss and collaborate with developers who are using the Traffic API.



List of markets

A simple call to get a list of the markets for which we have traffic. There are no parameters (except your AppKey). It simply returns a list of market names, a Center Latitude/Longitude, an icon to use, and a suggested bounding box for zooming in. This function is handy for showing the traffic markets on zoomed-out maps, and creating the "zoom to market" links in the market infoWindows.


Incidents by type

Request all incidents within a given bounding box. You can filter on which incident types you want returned ("Construction" for example). Each incident provides type and location details, an appropriate icon to use, a short and full description, and timing/duration info.


Traffic flow overlay

Retrieve a transparent raster image of color-coded traffic flow to overlay on top of the road network to provide a color-coded visualization of current traffic speed conditions.