Flash Maps API Using AS3 and Flex


This is your source for information and resources available for the MapQuest Flash Maps API. Download the component, visit our forum, and explore samples written in AS3 and Flex using the Flash Maps API. If you're looking for another language, please visit the Licensed Data APIs page.


We also offer a Mobile Flash Maps API that is streamlined for native mobile application development.


Usage of the Flash Maps API and its accompanying resources is subject to our Terms of Use.


Getting Started with the Flash Maps API

The Flash Maps API requires an Application Key (AppKey). To get an Application Key, please make sure you're logged in, then visit the Application Keys page.


Flash Maps API Gallery

Before diving directly into the Flash Maps API, check out the Gallery for inspiration and see what creative applications others have developed. Click on the images below to learn more about each project.




Download the Flash Maps API Version 7.1.5_MQ

The Flash Maps API Version 7.1.5_MQ is available for download and features mapping, geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, searching and various other functionality we've incorporated to make building powerful mapping applications easy.


Note: We encourage everyone to use the latest version of the Flash Maps API to ensure that you have the most recent updates and improvements! 


Examples & Tutorials Using the Flash Maps API

Along with our API, the Examples & Tutorials page provides sample applications whose source code you are welcome to change and use in helping you build applications using the Flash Maps API. Downloads of source codes are available for the following applications:



Upgrade/Migration Information

For details on upgrading/migrating from a previous version of the Flash Maps API to the current version, please refer to the Flash Maps API Migration Guide.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Check out our Flash Maps API Forum or visit our Contact Us page for information on how to contact us based on your product and issue.