JavaScript Maps API


This is your source for information and resources available for adding a map, driving directions, traffic, search, geocoding and more to your application using the JavaScript Maps API. Here you can explore our tutorials, documentation and samples built specifically for JavaScript. If you're looking for another language, please visit the Licensed Data APIs overview page.


Be sure to check back often for updates and visit the JavaScript Maps API Forum to engage in discussion with other developers.


Getting Started

Usage of the JavaScript Maps API requires an Application Key (AppKey). To get an AppKey, please make sure you're logged in, then visit the Application Keys page.


JavaScript Maps API Version 7.0

Version 7.0 is the latest stable version of the JavaScript Maps API. Key highlights of this release include:


  • Mercator projection
  • Geolocation control
  • Control and Icon design changes
  • iOS and Android support
  • Custom Control and InfoWindow samples
  • Editable 'Try It Now' samples


Sample map generated using the JavaScript Maps API v7.0:





The JavaScript Maps API v7.0 Developer's Guide provides code samples and tutorials to help assist you with your mapping application. From there, you'll also have access to the API Reference Guide which allows developers to dive directly into the API itself.


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