Free & Open (Open Data) APIs & SDKs

Open Web Services


Web Services provide an easy way to accomplish specific tasks from virtually any programming environment. Many of our Web Services are featured within our client-side APIs (i.e. JavaScript), however, you can use them directly as well.


Open JavaScript Maps API


MapQuest offers an easy-to-use JavaScript API to quickly get maps with Open Data on your website.


Open Leaflet Plugins


MapQuest offers plugins for the highly popular Leaflet JavaScript mapping framework. The plugins allow users to integrate licensed and open MapQuest map tiles, routing, and geocoding into applications that are built with Leaflet. Leaflet is also a great choice for mobile Web applications!


OpenStreetMap Tools


Below are various tools and guides for using and editing OpenStreetMap data.


Open Map Tiles


MapQuest currently offers two tilesets based on Open data: the MapQuest-OpenStreetMap Tiles and the MapQuest Open Aerial Tiles. We also offer our custom style files on top of Open data. The tiles are free to use and do not require an application key.  The tiles are great for open source frameworks like Leaflet and OpenLayers!


Beginner's Guide to OpenStreetMap


OpenStreetMap has been called the Wikipedia of mapping data. It is completely crowdsourced and can be edited by anyone! No more waiting months for data updates - you can fix mapping issues in a matter of hours rather than months.