OpenStreetMap Tools and Guides

Below you'll find links to the various tools and guides for OpenStreetMap and Potlatch 2.


Beginner's Guide to OpenStreetMap (OSM)

We've written an entire Beginner's Guide to OpenStreetMap for people who are unfamiliar with OSM. This is a great place to learn about OSM, why everyone should contribute to it, and what its current challenges are. The topics covered in this guide are as follows:


1. What is OpenStreetMap (OSM)?
2. Choosing the Right Editor
3. Basic Quality Assurance Tools for Editing
4. Advanced Quality Assurance Tools for Editing
5. Challenges in the U.S. Data
6. Adding Your Own Map Data


Potlatch 2

If you're here looking for Potlatch 2, you came to the right place!


  • Potlatch 2 is the Data Edit Tool that allows you to easily edit and update OpenStreetMap. For more information regarding how to edit, tag, import, etc, please refer to the Potlatch 2 Primer.




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OpenStreetMap data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).