MapQuest Xapi API Web Service


Xapi (pronounced zappy) is a read-only OpenStreetMap (OSM) Extended API that provides enhanced search and querying capabilities for nodes, ways and relations. The query can be defined by OSM tags and/or a bounding box and will return all data in XML format that match the entered search terms.


NOTE: Xapi only deals with elements that are current and does not return any that are historical or deleted.


Web Service Resources

Xapi API Developer's Guide

Instructions, code samples, and demos all combined in easy-to-follow, easy-to-use documentation.

Open Forums

Discuss and collaborate with other developers who use the Xapi API Web Service.



Search by Tag

Similar to the Nominatim API, Xapi allows you to search for features (nodes, ways, relations) based on the OpenStreetMap [key=value] pairs. Other options including the use of union operators, @-prefix predicates and * wildcards are detailed on the Developer's Guide.


A comprehensive list of map features and the exact [key=value] pair can be found on the OpenStreetMap Wiki.


Search by Area

Defining a bounding box (currently limited to 10 square degrees) allows Xapi to only search within the area of your choice and any relations that reference them. Coordinates in the following order are required: left, bottom, right, top.


Terms of Use

The MapQuest Xapi API Web Service is available for use for free under the following conditions:


  • OpenStreetMap must be given credit for the data – see this section of OSM's legal FAQ for details.

  • Please place "Xapi Courtesy of MapQuest " on your page, or in the copyright area of the map and please link the word "MapQuest" to  Below is a code snippet you can use for your site:


<p>XapiCourtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">MapQuest</a> <img src=""></p>


  • If your application will get heavy usage, please let us know by sending us an email at Please include the estimate of your expected usage so that we will be aware and accommodate the extra traffic.

  • If there will be an announcement (for example – a press release or a corporate announcement), please contact MapQuest at to let us know of the good news and any expected jumps in our Xapi usage.

  • Usage of the Xapi API Web Service is at your own risk.

  • Usage of the Xapi API Web Service is governed by paragraph 9, section (a) of the MapQuest Developer Network Terms of Use.


OpenStreetMap data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).