Add Maps and Directions to Your Site

Bring valuable location-based information to your users every day by adding free, trusted MapQuest maps to your web application. Provide relevant context and drive foot traffic to your stores by providing your customers with easy access to links or embedded maps, directions, and multiple point routes and forms right from your site. MapQuest makes it easy to make location information part of your site’s experience. Choose what’s right for you.


  • Link to MapQuest

    Add links on your site to for maps, driving directions, form pages and search results. You can even pre-populate our form with your business address as the destination, so the customer can just enter their address to get directions. Build your own links or use our “Build a Link Wizard” which forms the URL for you.


  • Embed MapQuest Maps on Your Site

    Add the actual maps instead of just links! Embed allows you to put MapQuest maps directly onto your web pages for a more seamless user experience. All maps include a link to “Get Directions” straight from the map. This works for single locations, and search results as well as routes.


  • Route Planner

    Save your users time and money by connecting to our Route Planner service which allows you to create directions for up to 26 stops. Just enter your addresses, then select your routing preference – keep the order of the stops you specified, or allow MapQuest to recommend the best route based on shortest travel time or distance. Various input formats are supported including JSON, XML, CopyPaste and Key/Value pairs.


  • Static Map Service

    Our static map service allows you to request and display static map images to your site in .png, .gif or .jpg format. Just send in a center point (latitude/longitude or single-line address), zoom level and desired dimensions to get your static map. Try this for single and multiple locations. Choose a POI image icon from our library, or use your own icons to customize your maps. Useful for print and mobile applications.


Please remember that by linking to MapQuest you agree to comply with our Terms and Conditions.


We hope that these location-based services will add value to your website for many years to come. Have questions? - Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.