Link to MapQuest Mobile Web Guide

Link to MapQuest Mobile Web is a free service from MapQuest that allows you to link directly to and display maps and driving directions optimized for mobile devices. 


From someone making a personal website to a national retail site, this service is free, convenient, and available to you. By linking to you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.



Developing a site or application for mobile devices can be difficult, as each device has different capabilities and form factors, meaning that your site or application has to either simplify the interface to work on any device, or have detailed logic to display different user interfaces and capabilities depending on the device being used.


By linking to MapQuest mobile web, you can alleviate this hassle by leveraging the robust infrastructure MapQuest has built to provide the best user experience for mapping and driving directions, based on the mobile device's capabilities. For example, if the device's browser is capable, the MapQuest mobile site will provide a draggable map with touch interaction. If not, the MapQuest mobile site will show a static map with navigation buttons.


By using the MapQuest link generator service, you can "deep link" to a map or driving directions results page on MapQuest mobile web. This means that you can pass address information directly from your site so that your user doesn't have to input anything.


This method of deep linking will work on the web as well, sending users to map or driving directions results page on


How to "Deep Link" to MapQuest Mobile Web

Deep linking to MapQuest mobile web requires two steps:


1) Pass address information to the MapQuest Link Generator service and retrieve a MapQuest short URL.
2) Use the short URL in your mobile website or native mobile application.


MapQuest Link Generator Service

The first step is to pass MapQuest the address information for your map or driving directions, and retrieve the short URL pointing to that information. This requires a simple web service call and retrieval of a JSON element. The "icid" parameter should equal your client ID. If you don't have a client ID, check out First Steps for information on how to sign up for a free account.


Deep linking to a map


Here is the format of the call to create a short URL for a map.


The label is optional, here is an example call for the Austin Convention Center with a label.


Here is the same map without a label.


You can also pass latitude and longitude information instead of an address in the following format.,longitude&forceresolve=no&withmodel=no&withshort=yes&withlinks=no&icid=YOUR_CLIENT_ID


Here is an example of Denver, CO.,-104.989699&forceresolve=no&withmodel=no&withshort=yes&withlinks=no&icid=YOUR_CLIENT_ID


Deep linking to driving directions

Here is the format of the call to create a short URL for driving directions.


Here is an example.


The label is optional just as with the maps. Also, latitude and longitude can be passed instead of an address as follows.,-104.989699(Office)&daddr=39.7432,-104.963266(Meeting)&forceresolve=no&withmodel=no&withshort=yes&withlinks=no&icid=YOUR_CLIENT_ID


Short URL retrieval

With either the map or driving directions call, a JSON document containing an element called main_short will be returned. That is the URL you want to use, after attaching your client ID. For example, in the last driving directions sample call, the following was returned.



You would use the main_short URL of, and then attach your client ID as follows:


Using the Short URL

The short URL will retrieve the map or driving directions you set up using the Link Generator service. You can directly use this as a link for your user to click, or alternatively, frame the page within your own application or website.


Common Questions

Q: How long will the short URL work for?

A: MapQuest does not currently expire the short URLs.


Q: I want to link directly to the full-screen map, can I do that?

A: Not currently, although we hope to add this feature soon.


Q: How many different devices does MapQuest mobile web support?

A: MapQuest mobile web supports many devices in both "advanced" mode and "standard" mode. We continually update our support lists as new devices are released.