Quick Start: For Developers

First Steps


If you're looking for mapping APIs to build applications, you've come to the right place.


Don't want to code? Check out the Quick Start for Easy Mapping Tools for our no coding mapping tools.


Next up:

Mobile Solutions


Developing interactive maps that work across a variety of mobile devices can be a headache. We have seen the issues up close through our development of both mobile web and native applications for our consumer products. Now you can skip the headaches and go straight to the solutions.


Licensed vs. Open Data


We offer our APIs and Web Services on both Licensed and Open Data. Licensed data is regularly updated by commercial vendors and is used by default on MapQuest.com and our mobile products. Open data is crowdsourced through the OpenStreetMap community and features fast updates, amazing map detail in some areas and flexible terms of use.


More information:

Draggable Map APIs


In order to provide a "draggable" map, you will need code running in the browser or client. The following APIs provide a draggable map, as well as leveraging our Web Services to enable easy integration of other features.


Web Services


Web Services provide an easy way to accomplish specific tasks from virtually any programming environment. Many of our Web Services are featured within our client-side APIs (i.e. JavaScript), however, you can use them directly as well.


Sample Code


If you develop like us, the first thing you look for is sample code. We have featured sample code embedded inline in our developer guides so that you can run samples while you read the docs. Here are some popular developer pages with interesting samples embedded.