Quick Start: For Easy Mapping Tools

Add or Embed a Map to Your Website


MapQuest provides a variety of tools to easily add a customized map to your website with zero coding.


Map Builder


Map Builder Beta is perfect for creating your own custom maps to share on your site, blog, or just with your friends. No coding is necessary!


You can easily add locations by searching or simply clicking on the map, use your own custom graphics for map pins, and draw shapes and lines with the map tools provided.


Other useful information:

Link to MapQuest


Do you just want to provide a customized link to MapQuest.com? That's easy too, all you need to do is customize the URL and you can have a custom map show up on MapQuest.com.



For a basic map super-fast, try Quick Maps.

Route Planner


Do you ever have a bunch of stops to make during the day and aren't sure what order to do them in? MapQuest's patented routing algorithms can save you time and money.


The MapQuest Route Planner provides an easy interface to create an efficient multi-stop route. You can even customize links to the Route Planner from your own site to pre-populate a set of stops.


Static Map Tools


Sometimes all you need is a static map image - we've got you covered there too!