Getting Started: Add or Embed a Map to Your Website

MapQuest provides a number of tools that enable you to easily and nearly effortlessly include maps and mapping content in your work. From creating a simple link that you can share, to embedding a dynamic map on your website, to building a full-fledged mapping application that you can use - MapQuest provides you the tools needed to get the job done!


The following are just a few of the MapQuest tools to help you get started:


Map Builder Beta

Map Builder Beta allows for the creation of custom interactive and static maps with ultimate flexibility and ZERO CODING. It's ideal for creating a festival map, pub crawl or trade show agenda. It allows you to search for places, add them to the map, customize how they look and add your own notes to them. Additionally, you can draw shapes, such as highlighting the marathon route or the soccer field location.


Give Map Builder a try, we think you'll love how easy it is to create a map, make it look the way you want, and share it through links or embedding. Map Builder is also available as a Wordpress Plugin.



Link to MapQuest

The Link to MapQuest tool adds embeddable maps and links on your website to for maps, driving directions, form pages and search results. You can also pre-populate the forms with your business address as the destination, so the customer can just enter their address to get directions.


All of this is done by appending parameters to, the base URL for linking to MapQuest. The parameters allow the tool to be highly customizable and be used for complex scenarios when linking back to MapQuest.


A Link to MapQuest Wizard is also available as a simple solution to help build the links and form the URL for you.



Embedding Maps Using

Another easy method for creating a map to embed on your site is to use Simply do a search for directions or locations as you normally would and click the "Send To" button.



Doing so will open a window that includes the option to send the current map view and its contents to your website. The provided HTML snippet can then be used to place an interactive MapQuest map on your site, customize the dimensions of the map, and automatically generate a link back to the MapQuest map you've created.


Embeddable maps through are ideal for single locations, search results and routes. Please see the step-by-step guide for assistance.



Other Mapping Tools

If you're only looking to add or embed a static map to your website, then the Static Map Wizard and Open Static Map Wizard are your best options. They enable the user to easily geocode locations, customize POI icons, add directions, set the dimensions of the map and image file type, and even offers a "best-fit" and "declutter" option of the map features shown.


Quick Maps are exactly that. It maps the entered address and provides a link back to MapQuest of the geocoded location. Sharing the link through popular social networking sites and AIM have also been made easy with Quick Maps.