Licensing and Terms Overview

Before you start to develop with the MapQuest Platform, review our Terms Overview to see which service option meets your requirements.  For example, are you interested in using Licensed Data or Open Data? A Community Edition or Enterprise Edition license? What exactly are the differences and how will it affect the application you're building? The Terms Overview hopes to answer some of your questions.



Enterprise Edition using Licensed Data is the obvious choice for businesses looking to take full advantage of the MapQuest Platform. In addition to 24/7 premium support and account management capabilities, the Enterprise Edition allows for the greatest flexibility and service levels needed to perform high-volume transactions with speed and efficiency. Contact MapQuest to learn more!



A popular free option among developers, the Community Edition using Licensed Data offers an industry-leading platform that includes the developer tools and resources needed to build rich and engaging mapping applications. General restrictions and requirements regarding the use of the MapQuest Platform are outlined in the Terms of Use.



The use of MapQuest's Open Data APIs and Web Services is only available as a Community Edition as it relies heavily on third party services such as OpenStreetMap (OSM). However, the flexibility of Open Data is far greater than its Licensed Data counterpart as there are no transactional limitations which makes for an attractive option for developers. Please see the Community Edition Terms of Use for further details.



Licensing Chart

The following chart summarizes the licensing options provided by the MapQuest Platform. If you have any questions regarding this licensing chart or the Terms of Use, please don't hesitate to contact MapQuest.


  Licensed Data Licensed Data Open Data



(5000 calls/day)


(5000 calls/day)


(5000 calls/day)

(using Nominatim)

Route Matrix

(5000 route pairs/day)

Traffic 1  
Non-Commercial or
Public Web Apps
Non-Commercial or
Public Mobile Apps
Private and/or Paid
Commercial Web Apps
Paid Mobile Apps
Forum Support
Premium Support
(24/7 Phone & Email Support)
System Performance Levels    
Account Management    

MapQuest operates a shared service and reserves the right to limit access to prevent service degradation. Please contact MapQuest to discuss applications with heavy traffic volume expectations.


1 The Traffic API Web Service cannot be used for real-time navigation, in conjunction with in-car or stand alone portable navigation devices, or be used as the primary purpose of your website or application.