Error 602 routing between 2 points

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Error 602 routing between 2 points



I receive the info message 602 (Unable to calculate route) when I try to route these two points:

{ lat: 37.0918350220, lng: -8.2371664047 }

{ lat: 37.1019630432, lng: -8.2605485916 }


There are some other points that cause error 602, however all of these are valid and real points.


I'm using // and the route is free of conditions, beside the following options:

options: {

unit: 'k',

narrativeType: 'none'



Thank you.



Filipe Freire

I tested your routing results

I tested your routing results using (2nd point is not reachable) and compared with Google routing results.,-8.2371667/37.1019630432,+-8.2605485916/@37.0965589,-8.2578637,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!4m5!1m0!1m3!2m2!1d-8.2605486!2d37.101963

And there's some important differences.

Maybe this helps.


Thanks for the information.
Thanks for the information. This has been forwarded on to the development team to investigate.