The AppKey submitted with this request is invalid

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The AppKey submitted with this request is invalid

Some of our customers are getting the following error:
"The AppKey submitted with this request is invalid."

The URL that we are using to access the MapQuest API is:[AppKey]

When an affected customer uses VPN to change region, their map starts working again. When they disconnect, the error returns.
Customers in regions that appear to work ok: Europe, USA
Customers in regions who get an error: Singapore, Canada

Are app keys subject to regional checks? Could there be an issue with MapQuest CDN that causes some regions to reject our app key? This issue has been happening over the past several months (possibly up to a year) so it's not a sporadic or recent issue.

Keys are not subject to
Keys are not subject to regional checks. We have heard of any issues with customers in these regions.   Do the same customers have the issue consistently? If so, I wonder if there is some other network issue like bad encryption of the key. If not, this will be a difficult one to track down.

Thanks for the reply Brian.

Thanks for the reply Brian. I can confirm that the issue appears to be consistent so far - we've never gotten an affected person to load a map successfully. However, another of our applications does appear to work. This uses a different key and a different version of the API:

does not work:[key2]

I'm as stumped / surprised as you are... We are able to work more closely with one of the affected parties, which is how we retrieved the error message. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives we can get them to try? We're creating variations on the URL for them to try, and if that doesn't work we may also try a prototype with the new MapQuest.js API for them...

Update - the error is definitely related to the key

The affected customer in Canada confirmed that switching to a different key fixed the error for them.

For what it's worth, they were testing by just pasting the URL into their browser, so it's unlikely to be related to encoding?

Brian, in case you want to investigate further, the key that does not work (ever) for our customers in Canada/Singapore (but does work for customers in other regions, including myself) is the one in our account that I've tagged with with "[not working for Canada/Singapore]". The key that does work is the one that ends with "OSM import". I'd like to keep the keys separate for different applications, but if one key is regionally flaky then sadly the easy workaround for us will be to put all our applications onto the one known good key.

Thanks for the details. I
Thanks for the details. I forwarded this on to the development team to investigate.

The team does not know why a
The team does not know why a key might not work in specific regions. I don't recall another user ever seeing this issue. I don't know what anything can be done to fix it from this side. But you can always create another key.