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About RouteControlPointColletion

I'm trying to send a get request to create a route by passing the parameter "routeControlPointColletion", I want to use it that way because the documentation says it allows JSON. However, I don't see any influence on the route.
Unlike when I use the "routeControlPoint" parameter it works normally. I would like to know how the "routeControlPointColletion" parameter is passed in a request, since I prefer to use JSON and the documentation allows it.


  1. routeControlPoint: '50.088125, 62.828785,0.2,100'  This works perfectly
  2. routeControlPointCollection: [{"lat": 50.088125, "lng": 62.828785, "weight": 100, "radius": 0.2 }]   - > This does not work,even with more than 1

Thanks in advance

Can you post the whole
Can you post the whole request that is not working as expected?