I'm writing about one show while I'm attending another. I'm in the beautiful city of Miami at the Future of Web Apps conference. As this show is winding down from a great day of learning, meeting, networking and demoing, people are already talking about next big migration of developers and technophiles: The South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Tx.

I used to live in Austin and I love when I have the opportunity to come back. This year when I visit, my MapQuest colleagues and I are also bringing a cool booth, some swag and most importantly some exciting, ground-breaking, game changing, super fantastic things to share and tell you. (Okay, I may have oversold that last part a little, but you will dig it.)

Oh yeah, we're also on a Geeks Love Bowling team.

So if you're heading to South By Southwest, please make sure you swing by our booth between Sunday, March 9th to Tuesday, March 11th. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you! If you're not going, keep reading this blog and the blogs of everyone who is going and having all kinds of fun that you're not.

See you there (or not)!