Are you a developer who wishes that you could get rid of a server-side proxy page to bypass cross-domain browser issues?

Are you a JavaScript developer who longs to create maps that go beyond tiles and want to be entranced by the glitz and glamour that is Flash?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, you need to know about the latest in Internet buzzwords: FUJAX.

FUJAX is our newest API, released in our 5.2 update. It stands for: "Flash Under JavaScript and XML." Or, as Ant, our Senior Product Manager for our APIs explains (note: please read in your worst British accent):

"All the visual, performance, and browser-agnostic benefits of Flash; all the knowledge ubiquity of JavaScript."

The easiest explanation I can provide is: You (or your army of ninja programmers) continue to write JavaScript, when the page loads, it's a Flash map. Yep, JavaScript in; Flash out!

While we have nothing but respect and adoration for the noble ActionScript 3 language and those who write it, we also know that there's plenty of JavaScript expertise running around AJAXing-up the Web. Now these JavaScript warriors can add Flash maps to their weapons lockers.

  • Enjoy that you can write the code once and have it run identically on all browsers with the Flash 9 plug-in or better.
  • None of the layered transparency issues when printing. Map output in Flash is WYSIWYG.
  • Performance benefits over the browser JavaScript engines. Of course, this will depend on your application; your mileage may vary.
  • Put all of that JavaScript know-how to use. Learn ActionScript later.

So how do you use it? Well here's a very basic example of replacing a map built on the 5.2 JavaScript API with the 5.2 FUJAX API:

  • Replace "<script src=" transaction?transaction=script&key=YOUR_KEY_HERE&ipr=true&itk=true&v=5.2.0" type="text/javascript"></script>"
    "<script src=" transaction?transaction=script&key=YOUR_KEY_HERE&ipr=true&itk=true&v=5.2.0w type="text/javascript"></script>"
  • Save and reload browser
  • See JS tiled map replaced with Flash

That's it! Well, that's not it, there's a tons more you could do, but it's the end of this post. You can find the 5.2 FUJAX API bundled with the 5.2 JavaScript API on the MapQuest Developer Network.