As we get closer to the final release of version 5.3 of the MapQuest Platform, we've just added Release Candidate 5 of our JavaScript and FUJAX APIs to the Beta page.

The highlight in this release is the ability to define specific packages to be included in the code. With all of the new features we've been adding to the Platform, we recognized the need to optimize the size of your download with only the code necessary for your application.

From the RC5 notes:

If you want your application to have a traffic control, you can specify to include this package via the '&ipkg=controls1,traffic' URL name/value pair. However, if your application does not need the traffic control, simply use '&ipkg=controls1' and you'll save about 12k of download. This concept will be used going forward in order to optimize download sizes/speed.

NOTE: We have separated out the map controls as a modular package - if you are using our default controls (Zoom Control, View Control, etc), you will want '&ipkg=controls1' on the string. If you are using fully customized map controls, you can now eliminate ours from the script download.

The "ipkg" parameter

controls1 - will bring down all 4 controls (largezoom, zoom, pan, and view).
traffic - will bring down the traffic package. For example:

  • &ipkg=controls1 - will bring down just the controls package
  • &ipkg=traffic - will bring down just the traffic package
  • &ipkg=controls1,traffic - will bring down both the controls and traffic packages
  • &ipkg=controls1,traffic,package1,etc. - will bring down all packages listed by commas

Also a reminder: If your a Free Edition developer, you will also need to sign-up for a Developer License for developing with MapQuest Platform Beta code.