With the 5.3 release of the MapQuest Platform, we've now deactivated the beta versions (until the next version is ready for beta of course). If you were using the 5.3 beta versions, here's some quick tips to keep your application running smoothly:

Take the following <script> tag for example:
<script src="http://btilelog.beta.mapquest.com/tilelog/transaction? transaction=script&key=<YOUR_KEY_HERE>&itk=true&v=5.3.0_RCx" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • You need to change "&v=5.3.0_RCx" to "&v=5.3.0," "x" being the Release Candidate number you were using
  • If you were pointing to the beta servers "http://btilelog.beta.mapquest.com," you need to point back to the production servers: "http://btilelog.access.mapquest.com"

These simple steps will help keep your development from grinding to a halt -- like in a traffic jam. Since real-time traffic is also one of the new features in 5.3, you can help keep your users from actually winding up in a real traffic jam.