You can now print MapQuest maps!

"Well duh," you're probably thinking. "I've been printing MapQuest maps and driving directions for years."

Well of course you have. generates millions-and-millions of maps specifically for printing every day. What I'm talking about here is printing from the applications you're making using the Free Edition of the MapQuest Platform.

"I couldn't do that before?"

That was a little unclear in our old Terms and Conditions. Some observant developers asked about it, and we said "Why not?" We wound up drawing straws to see who had to ask Legal for the revisions. I lost. So I took the ask up the cliffside, knocked on the iron plated door, dropped the paperwork and ran.

So here's the deal for printing with the Free Edition:

  • You can print up to 5000 copies of a map per run/publication
  • The printed map can be up to a maximum of 8.5" x 11" inches printed
  • It has to be a free publication (flyer, newsletter, etc); you can't use it in a publication you're charging for

Just another example of how we're working with developers and responding to your needs.

Happy Printing!