Use the DotNet API? We've made some updates and improvements to the 5.3 DotNet Simple Samples.

Change #1

Previously, in order to get the samples to build, you needed to download the mapquest API DLL separately and:

  • For and, edit all the project files
  • For, you had to add a reference to the DLL

The current 5.3 mapquest20.dll has now been added to each package. For, it's in a /bin subdirectory so that it will automatically be picked up as a reference.

For and, its been added to the top level of the zip package and we've modified all the project files so that the correct location is referenced.

In short, when you extract the samples archive and open the solution file, the DLL will already be there with a working reference.

Change #2

The relevant MQServers file had localhost and strange development ports settings. These files have been updated so that they default to the appropriate dev server location (e.g., and port 80.

Change #3

The readme.txt for the archive to call out that the user needs to modify MQServers with your client id, password and possibly server info.

readme.txt files were added to the and archives.

In general, these changes should make our dotNet samples easier to use.