iPhone ScreenshotWe've had a lot of excitement this month with multiple launches and cool projects. We wanted to make sure that we also highlight our recently updated JavaScript 6.0 SDK Beta. In the latest build, we've got some great additions to the feature set:

  • Overlay support, including CircleOverlay for quickly showing a radius
  • Routes can now be run without needing a map
  • Wrapper functions for easy access to the Directions Web Service RouteMatrix call

The big new feature this time is support for iPhone/Mobile Safari events such as pinchToZoom. When Mobile Safari is detected, the support module is automatically included, registering touch events.

In a few lines of code, you can also take advantage of the geolocation services in the device and default your map the the user's location.

  function(position) {
        lat:  position.coords.latitude,
        lng:  position.coords.longitude

More news and announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.