It must be official, we have a Press Release! It has a very catchy title: MapQuest Engages Developer Community with Presence at SXSW; Shows Easy-to-Use, Developer Friendly Tools.

Over the last eight months we have overhauled the MapQuest Platform from top to bottom. We have re-written every key component, and exposed our core functionality through sane, modern, easy-to-use Web Services. We are now finishing up overhauling our main SDKs for AS3 / Flex and Javascript to use these new services as their foundation.

As a reward, MapQuest is now sending us to SXSW Interactive to show it all off. We are also hosting a BBQ Party at the Salt Lick. I, for one, intend to celebrate the launch of something that has been a definite labour of love. I truly love what I do, am passionate about MapQuest, and work with some of the most truly awesome people around - which makes me very grateful to have been afforded the oppportunity to bring this new vision of what the MapQuest Developer Services should be, to fruition. It has been a great journey so far, and as I look back over what we have accomplished in such a short time, I am proud of the hard work we have done, and look forward to what we do next.

Ok, enough of that. If you truly want to see our enthusiasm for what we have built, stop by our booth (#401) at SXSW and we'll talk your ear off, offer you some beer at the Block Party, and even help you with some implementation at our little Genius Bar we've set up. My compadre-in-chaose, Josh Babetski, is also hosting a panel you might find interesting.

Until then, here's a quick(ish) summary of links to previous posts about the different parts of the platform as we released them to production:

MapQuest Directions Web Service And Long URL Web Service Released - October 12th.

Web 2.0 Geocoding Service Launched - November 12th.

Static Map Service Launched - December 4th.

Address Point geocoding, New Map Styles, & Free Edition Geocode Data Upgrade - January 20th.

Search Service And Static Map Wizard Launched - February 25th.

MapQuest Traffic Service Goes Live - March 4th.

MapQuest AS3 / Flex SDK V6.0 Launched - March 9th.

I am pretty sure that, not even counting the beta rollouts, we have managed an average of more than one new product or release per month, over the last 6 months. I am just absolutely blown away by how much work we've done in such a short period of time.

Alright. Enough from me. Texas, here we come!