We just launched an enhanced version of MapQuest Route Planner that includes a new web service, enabling you to integrate Route Planner into your own external websites/applications.  If you're unfamiliar with Route Planner, it's a feature that takes a route of up to 26 25 stops and reorders them to give you the fastest or shortest route.  Here's a quick video that demos the feature. This integration is ideal for websites and apps for Sales People, Delivery Reps, Realtors, and any others that route users to multiple stops.  As of today (July 19) we've saved our users 374,500 miles and now you can help your users save time and mileage too! The Link to Route Planner Web Service enables you to connect to the Route Planner tool using address fields pre-populated directly from your website/application. This service supports multiple formats that you can use to send the addresses to the Route Planner tool: •    JSON •    XML •    Key/Value pairs You simply create forms in your application/website and POST to the Route Planner application with the address details in any of the above formats. Check out our API documentation for details on using each of these formats to connect to Route Planner. Stay tuned for the next version of Route Planner that will have the new MapQuest look and feel!