The JavaScript SDK v6 is live! This completes our revamp of the MapQuest Platform from the ground up. MapQuest Platform v6 features new Web Services to easily implement mapping, routing, geocoding, geographic search and traffic using a REST-like API. On top of our new Web Services, we've rebuilt the JavaScript and ActionScript SDKs, streamlining our object model. We have also added new features such as enhanced wireless support, draggable routes and a custom object to quickly add a business locator.
Draggable Routes

Here is an overview of the platform, with details and links to more information below.
MapQuest Platform v6

Web Services - Overview Documentation

-Pass name/value, JSON or XML in, get JSON or XML out
Directions Web Service - Documentation -Easily access our patented routing algorithms -Calculate alternate routes -Display road shields in narrative -Tweak narrative to show border crossings, landmarks and side of street information -Let MapQuest optimize a multi-stop route, re-ordering the stops for a faster overall trip -Do one-to-many or many-to-many route matrix calculations -Add turn maps -Avoid highways, tolls, ferries, border crossings
Geocoding Web Service - Documentation -Get accurate address resolution using both NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas street data, as well as address points -MapQuest's precise 5 character result code tells you exactly how your address geocoded -Pass a bounding box to bias the results to addresses within that area -Get both a street lat/lng and a parcel centroid for point geocodes -Retrieve side of street information -Easily add thumbnail maps for ambiguities -Batch geocode up to 100 locations in one call -Reverse geocode Static Map Web Service - Documentation -Easily create map images with overlays, icons, declutter and traffic -Utilize different map styles -JPG, PNG or GIF at customizable sizes -Easy-to-use wizard to create map URLs Geographic Search Web Service - Documentation -Search by lat/lng, address or IP address -Search by radius, rectangle, polygon or corridor -Search by drive time/distance or walking time -Mix and match data sources, including hosted data, remote data and NAVTEQ mapping data -Utilize multiple POI tables to add restaurants, bars, airports, train stations and more Traffic Web Service - Documentation -Retrieve a list of incidents in a given area, both construction and traffic incidents -Retrieve flow overlay -Retrieve available markets
New Overview Control

SDKs - JavaScript and ActionScript (AS3/Flex)

JavaScript SDK Documentation AS3 SDK Documentation -Wireless (including iPhone) support for draggable maps through the JS SDK -Draggable routes -No more proxy! -Overview control -Mouse wheel support -New declutter styles -Automatically add routes and search results to the map -Removes many of the separate calls for geocodes, record details and more