Do you enjoy walking or biking to your destination? If so, the Elevation Web Service is a particularly wonderful tool that allows the user to visualize the terrain ahead. Best used in conjunction with our Directions Service, the options are endless.  You'll be able to create elevation charts and profiles using optimal routes for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, draggable routes for those who request highly customizable routes, and others using MapQuest's advanced routing combinations. Here's an example using a route from Gunnison, UT to Moab, UT. In order to generate this from the Directions Service, we request the following (refer back to the Advanced Routing documentation if you need additional assistance):,ut&to=moab,ut Doing so will provide the necessary collection of lat/long pairs to be used for building the elevation URL request. So with the lat/long pairs in hand, the elevation chart and profile are able to be generated using the appropriate elevation URL parameters. Seen below is the request and result from our Elevation Service:{Q~NhnIxoB|iEdbCtsFea@??|CilKrvEmtYan@qeBh_CcyEnq@k{GlpB}]deAukA~vCsC|lB_aAxjGy|Kjm@u`MunAqqHg_Gu`P_z@yvQenAerChBwuCsw@egBap@i|N~d@ixIoyAo_Gpx@myCskBmzFb[kgEw_Bk{Lnp@ycG{{@m_GmuAiuCqmCyqYwxCyhChDmpBjq@iGf|@wqDeOexIkmJig[abAm{HfNcwAbwA}`BwCerFxvAcsHj{EovKnb@acKw`CguU??cB{h@??pjKkVroCuw@lfKu}GraIkoC`eDiyD`}Dk_AbjGqfD`iDs`Gnp@m_H|xCgpDbs@_G???{H&shapeFormat=cmp A similar example is also available on our Elevation Service Developer's Guide. Feel free to head over there and give this a test drive. Or if you already have your own data and don't wish to use our Directions Service, that's ok too.  They work just as well and our feelings won't be hurt! Listed below are a few more key points for this service:
  • Customizable elevation chart size
  • Distance values returned in miles or kilometers
  • Shape format represented as float pairs or compressed path string with 5 and 6 digits of precision
As you might have already expected, we'll be adding more features with each update so stay tuned!