Announced at Adobe MAX 2010, ActionScript SDK v6.1 has arrived! With the new SDK, we remain focused on bringing you fresh design changes to match the new site and adding additional features and functionality.

Fresh Design Changes

  • New customizable Shady Meadow control set matches that of the new
  • Standard and OceanBreeze control sets have been recolored and parameters added to further customize the style
  • InfoWindows, RolloverWindows, and PinMapIcon also matches new style
New Shady Meadow control set in AS3 SDK v6.1

Added Features and Functionality

  • More relevant information displayed in InfoWindows and RolloverWindows for default added POIs for the Directions and Geocode results
  • Added DefaultControlSets to allow all controls of a specific style to be added to a map in a single call
  • Specify a custom icon for draggable routes via points
  • Specify if a mouse wheel zoom control centers at map location or cursor location
  • Enable/disable animation when using force declutter
Default InfoWindow and RolloverWindow for Direction results.
Love what you see above?? Here's the current link to download the SDK. And even more info, samples, source code and other AS3 goodies can be found at the ActionScript 3/Flex Samples page. The MapQuest Developer Network will also soon be updated with a complete documentation of the latest SDK. If you have further questions or comments, don't forget about our AS3/Flex SDK Forums!