In the previous Elevation Services post, we provided you with a rather complicated but useful sample combining our Elevation Service with the Directions Service. While this presented a look at the full extent of our capabilities, it was perhaps not the best starter example.
Latest sample in the Developer's Guide
Today we bring you an updated Developer's Guide with additional samples to generate an elevation profile and chart. This time, all you will need is a small set of coordinates. You might already have some raw lat/long data laying around from a recent hiking trip, or even on a post-it note somewhere just because you're a bit of a geonerd. Whatever the case, if you already have coordinates, excellent! If not, don't forget about the MapQuest Lat Long Finder. Enter a couple locations, grab their coordinates, and run the sample. It's really quite simple and we hope these updated samples now provide a better basic understanding of the Elevation Service. Go ahead and download the JavaScript code, modify it, create an application, and share it!