Maybe you've already heard, but we have yet another major announcement for our Open Initiatives project! The Open Elevation Service now joins the Open Directions Service and Nominatim Search Service as services that are based entirely on open data! I've already talked a bit about the Elevation Service in the past (here and here) and below is another example of an elevation chart and a short summary of the service in case you've forgotten or (gasp!) missed my previous posts:
Elevation chart from Vancouver, CN to Seattle, WA
  • Generates an elevation chart in a customizable size
  • Provides elevation profile information (elevation and distance) in JSON or XML formats
  • Distance values returned in miles or kilometers
  • Shape format represented as float pairs or compressed path string with 5 and 6 digits of precision
So where is the data coming from? The Open Elevation Service is powered by the SRTM V2 data ("finished" version). SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) is the international project headed by NASA that helped capture high-resolution topographic data of the Earth. In the U.S., data resolution is approximately 30 meters and 90 meters for the rest of the world. If you need more information, you know where to go - the Developer's Guide! We hope you enjoy the new Open Elevation Service as we continue to roll out new features. As always, go ahead and combine Elevation with the Open Directions Service or Nominatim for the truly Open Experience! Just remember they are all still in Beta and providing feedback can only help improve these services.