Big news today as we introduce our new Community Accounts! So what are they, you ask? This new account replaces the current Free and Developer accounts with access to the best of both worlds. Current users have automatically been upgraded. Listed below are a few of these advantages. Or if you care to, please visit the new Terms of Service page. I know - who reads them? Certainly not developers!? I'll summarize here but I'll also feel better knowing you know where to go should you need more information.

Better Geocoding

All users now have access to Address Point Geocoding (APG) data. This data has added over 83 million addresses in the U.S. to our already extensive geocoding database and allows for more accurate placements of locations and addresses. These geocode results return a quality code of P1 for our SDKs v6.0 and above, and a quality code of L1 for v5.* and older with a coverage name "ntus_strpt". If some of these response values look gibberish to you, don't worry. Just refer to our Geocode Quality Code documentation for more details.

Internal & Commercial Use

For many developers, any kind of usage limitation or restriction can be the sole reason that prevents them from using a certain product. In an effort to reduce our own limitations, all users will now have the ability to use their AppKey in BOTH an internal and a production commercial application. A separate key is no longer necessary for this purpose. Also, if you wish to use the MapQuest Services in conjunction with any commercial application that isn't publicly available without charge, please obtain permission first by contacting with a description of your application and your intended distribution channels. Permission is not necessary for use with our Open Services.

Open Initiatives

So you may be wondering how this affects our Open Services. Well, absolutely nothing has changed here! Neither a community account nor an AppKey is required for the use of our OpenStreetMap tiles, Nominatim Search, Open Directions, or Open Elevation. However, we encourage developers to at least sign up for an account and take advantage of the resources found on the Open Forums and to ask questions and interact with others. With just a few of the advantages described above, we hope you now have an understanding of what Community Accounts are all about and why we're excited to have finally released this for everyone. In case you haven't noticed, we're also constantly adding new features and services so be sure to check the MapQuest Developer Network often to get the most out of your Community Accounts!