MapQuest is providing several address files that contain user-provided latitude and longitude locations across the world. Our users provided these exact locations to us so that they could be mapped correctly on our MapQuest maps. There are currently three (3) main files - one for the United States, one for Canada and one for Europe.  More information can be found on our OSM wiki page. We didn't want to just import these addresses directly into OSM, but wanted them to be available to anyone that wanted to have them.  To be clear: 1. these addresses are user provided 2. there is a high degree of ground-truth from these users 3. they WANTED to be in the data and be correctly mapped 4. we've checked with our lawyers, and yes, you can have them - UNENCUMBERED! Our good friend, Ian Dees, has written a script to convert the files listed on the MapQuest wiki page into OSM format!  Check out the code here on GitHub.  Thanks Ian, you rock! Happy mapping!