Geocoding is a very utilitarian tool and also one of the most popular capabilities in the MapQuest Platform. Did you know geocoding can also be witty, fun and exciting? Here's how: Oh So Witty: It assigns a latitude and longitude coordinate to a street address, zip code, intersection, or geographic boundary. Exciting: Because without geocoding, you can’t show a map, driving directions or start a proximity search!  If I was desperate for a Sonic burger I wouldn’t’ be able to find a Sonic without using a geocode. Good ol' fashion fun: Geocoding also allows businesses to do analytics such as understand where their customers are and where their customers are coming from. And just when you couldn't get enough of geocoding, here's what makes MapQuest geocoding unique: -       The ability to return a 5-character result code to verify the accuracy of locations in greater detail than a simple yes/no or percentage match. -       Support for geocoding up to 100 locations at once in a single batch function call. -       Address point geocoding – this means we return a geocode that represents the middle of the land parcel and one where the address connects to the road network. -       Thumbnail ambiguity maps – if the MapQuest service finds multiple options for the geocode you can return a thumbnail image of the ambiguous location to give end-users some context when disambiguating. -    Reverse geocoding - take a latitude and longitude and find what address it is -       And more. . . . All of this can be easily accessed through our Geocoding API, which you will also access when using our JavaScript API or our Flash Maps API. MapQuest Community Edition allows up to 5,000 geocodes per day. The licensed solution, as part of the Enterprise Edition, has unlimited access.  We license geocodes to be used in conjunction with maps and directions as well as provide geocoding only licenses. If you're looking for more geocodes but aren't interested in an Enterprise license, do not fear.  Our Nominatim search API built on top of Open Street Map data can also geocode and reverse geocode.  No key is required and MapQuest sets no transactional limits!  Plus, since its on top of crowdsourced Open Street Map data, you can fix any data problems you might find.
If you have questions about geocoding, just give us a call 888-627-7837 at or email .
Now get geocoding!