Today we're here to announce the latest improvement to our Flash Maps API - support of the MapQuest Open Initiatives!! Dubbed the Open Flash Maps API, this API is very similar to the standard Flash Maps API except it relies solely on open data. It includes support of OpenStreetMap, Open Aerial Tiles, Open Directions Service, Nominatim Search Service, and other Open Services. Both versions of the API obviously have their advantages but if you love the concept of 'open data' and the ability to edit and improve data quality yourself, the Open Flash Maps API is definitely for you! Now that we've hopefully piqued your interest, here are some links to help you get started.
Route example found in the Samples Explorer Application.
The source code for each sample can also be easily viewed within the application.. so what are you waiting for? Copy it, play with it, create an application, and share it on our forums or @MapQuestTech!