Did you know you can visualize your business data using MapQuest maps to help you analyze business trends? Heat maps show layers of color to represent business data, which can then be used to make business decisions. Arrowpointe, a MapQuest partner, has a new version of their Geopointe software that shows just how powerful illustrating data can be with the MapQuest Platform. Watch a video on how it works:
Geopointe integrates MapQuest maps and driving directions into Salesforce . This allows end-users, administrators and developers to search Salesforce data, plot it on the map and get multiple-point driving directions. By partnering with SpatialKey, Arrowpointe took the Geopointe solutions one step farther to create an analytics solution.  Arrowpoint and SpatialKey allow Salesforce users to visualize Salesforce data including leads, opportunities, contacts and more on MapQuest maps.  This solution allows Salesforce users to gain a better understanding of their business including from where business is coming, which areas of the country are driving the most revenue as well as which are underperforming, and how lead activities are performing.