It's no secret MapQuest is committed to providing our users the best possible experience with our mobile applications. What we also want to do, however, is help others take advantage of our efforts to develop beautiful applications of their own. Yes, we really are that generous!
Sample application using advanced routing options.
This is why we're announcing today the first beta release of the MapQuest Android Maps API! Additionally, we're providing a large number of samples to showcase our toolkit and provide the source code for each. The following describes just a few of the features you'll find in this beta release:
  • Advanced routing options and ability to display the route directly on the map
  • Built-in geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Smooth animation when zooming/panning
  • Ability to rotate the map
  • Trackball gesture detector
  • Support of shape and image overlays
But that's not all! The OpenStreetMap (OSM) community may be pleased to learn that, similar to our free Android app, our popular OSM tiles and Open Services are all available as part of the MapQuest SDK for Android! By simply leaving the android:apiKey attribute blank, the map and its related services will default to the Open tiles and directions, and use Nominatim for searching/geocoding. To download our documentation and samples, please refer to the following links. MapQuest Android Maps API and Android Samples API Reference Guide Don't forget to help us improve our API by sending feedback and reporting any bugs to All feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!