The SplitViewNavigator in Flash Builder 4.6
Hello from cloudy and cool Los Angeles! Adobe MAX has been humming along so far and there's a lot of excitement about the types of mobile applications possible with Adobe Flash Builder 4.5, as well as the improvements coming with Flash Builder 4.6.  Naturally with mobile apps come mapping, directions, traffic and more, and so far we've seen a warm welcome to our new Mobile Flash Maps API. I set out at MAX to determine sentiment around the overall Flash Builder foray into mobile applications. The folks I spoke with were generally pleased and excited by the possibilities of coding once and deploying everywhere, not the least of which, significant cost savings. I had forgotten how much people love Flash Builder as a tool to design, build and debug applications -- when compared with developing in other web languages, Flash really spoils you. As far as actual mobile applications built with Flash Builder 4.5 in the market, the most notable is Politico. However, several folks I spoke with were in active development on some new apps, so the next 3-6 months should be interesting to watch. The pre-release of Flash Builder 4.6 has generated a stir, most notably with the performance enhancements, native extensions, new mobile components and an improved deployment for Android so that users don't have to separately install AIR. These first two features should really close the gap between what a Flash-built native app can do versus a natively coded app. From my perspective, it's exciting to be on the forefront of a technology that has such great potential. I'm pleased to see the features Adobe has in 4.6, as they match up well with MapQuest's roadmap. (We're trying to keep up with several great features of our own planned in the next several months.) On a related note, we have a cool demo to share from WebMapSolutions. While we've built our own demo application (which Android users can install directly from Android Market), the good folks at WebMapSolutions have been working on several of their own. Check out the following video they put together of one of their apps.
Just a reminder, tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 5) at 10 a.m. we'll do a deeper dive into the capabilities of the API and what's next in our Unconference panel.