If you visit the MapQuest Developer Network today, you'll notice something completely new and refreshing! A major design overhaul was completed recently in order to help users navigate the site more easily and to better understand the various product offerings using the MapQuest Platform. In addition to the new design, the Developer Network now features a Quick Start guide for both developers and non-developers. With the popularity of products such as Map Builder, it's become increasingly clear that a large number of users are flocking to the Developer Network for mapping tools that require no coding on their part. So no matter your code skill level, the Developer Network will have you covered with the following guides: We've also added some pages to answer common questions like, should I use Licensed or Open Data? We've also updated our Mobile Mapping Overview to help you choose the right technology for your mobile mapping application. The new design also highlights some of our most recent products, making the site even more informative while still keeping a simple, elegant look. On the right sidebar you'll see related content, where we'll try to highlight examples, videos and other links that are relevant to the page. Social media buttons have also been added to help users stay connected with MapQuest news, updates, and to answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for!? Check out the new MapQuest Developer Network and sign up for an account today! We hope you enjoy the new redesign as much as we do! (Seriously, we love it.)