Flash Samples Explorer Thumbnail Developers who are using the MapQuest Flash Maps API may have noticed recent changes to the MapQuest Flash Samples Explorer application. The Samples Explorer application is intended to highlight the functionality of the Flash Maps API by providing interactive samples and easily-downloadable source code. Quite a few of the existing samples have been revised to incorporate additional functionality and two new samples have been added: search map and alternate routes. Search Map is a sample that dynamically displays results from the MapQuest Search Web Service based on the extent of the map. Query results are updated and displayed every time a zoomend or dragend event is detected, so, every time the map is zoomed or panned, the results are updated based on the extent of the map. Also, a slider component allows a maximum number of search results to be defined, so the results will be limited to a number that is set by the user. The Alternate Routes sample queries the MapQuest Directions Web Service and displays route alternatives that are returned when a route is requested. Alternate routes are displayed in a clickable list and the time, distance, route map, and narrative will update based on the selected route, which allows for easy comparison of route details. The maximum number of route alternatives that are returned by the Directions Web Service can be defined as well, so the results will be limited to a number that is set by the user. Finally, DGLogik has announced a MapQuest component for their innovative Adobe Flex and AIR-based DGLux visualization platform. DGLux allows users to create data-driven applications and dashboards without writing a single line of code! The DGLux MapQuest component is powered by the MapQuest Flash Maps API. Check out the video tutorial below: