I’m sure you have heard the buzz about iOS 6, Apple Maps, and alternatives to Apple Maps; in fact, at this point, I would be surprised if you haven’t! While this topic was dominating the headlines, the MapQuest mobile development team was busy putting the finishing touches on the next release of the Android Maps API. Version 1.0.4 is available for download today and includes the following bug fixes and enhancements: Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue related to map tiles not showing up in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug in default route narrative rendering
  • Fixed alignment issues and a bug when setting focus on an item in an ItemizedOverlay
  • Added the option to turn off auto-starting of guidance and the ability to use custom messaging instead of the default prompt in MapQuestAppLauncher
  • Added the ability to customize the background loading tile
  • Added the ability for a MyLocation overlay to use a plain Drawable instead of a BitmapDrawable to more easily customize the marker
  • Made drawing more efficient for larger sets of points in a LineOverlay
  • Changed the pointer height and width calculations to allow for customization in an AnnotationView
  • Removed enforcement of subclassing of MapActivity when using maps
The Android Maps API is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the existing mapping framework included with the Android operating system and includes many of the features MapQuest is known for, such as integrated maps and driving directions, geocoding, and the ability to switch between licensed and open data. We always like to hear about the great apps that you’ve built with our APIs, so if you've built something using the Android Maps API and want us to feature it, let us know by tweeting us @MapQuestTech!