If you follow us on Twitter, you might have noticed a reference to a beta version of a MapQuest routing plugin for Leaflet. The interest and response has already been overwhelming and today we’re excited to announce not one, but three plugins that enable developers to easily bring our most popular core licensed* services -- maps, geocoding, and routing -- to the open-source Leaflet JavaScript mapping library:
  • MapQuest Maps for Leaflet - While many developers are already using MapQuest-OSM and Open Aerial Tiles with libraries like Leaflet and OpenLayers, we’ve never been able to offer access to our map tiles that are created from licensed data sources. The MapQuest Maps plugin for Leaflet allows you to do just that; it allows you to use our licensed map, satellite, and hybrid tiles with Leaflet. It’s also easy to use the Leaflet layers control to switch between each map type.
  • MapQuest Geocoding for Leaflet - Sure, it’s already possible to make requests directly to our Geocoding API Web Service from an application that is built with Leaflet; however, the MapQuest Geocoding plugin for Leaflet takes care of the heavy lifting for you. You can easily integrate MapQuest geocoding functionality into Leaflet, as it takes care of making requests, parsing responses, and adding results to your map. It’s also easy to customize the POI icons that are added to the map.
  • MapQuest Routing for Leaflet - Like geocoding, it’s already possible to make requests directly to our Directions API Web Service from an application that is built with Leaflet. With the MapQuest Routing plugin for Leaflet, you can easily integrate MapQuest routing into Leaflet, including our popular draggable routes functionality. Aside from draggable routes, this plugin also offers many of the features that our developers expect, such as route types, optimized routes, and route narratives.
To get started, take a look at our MapQuest Plugins for Leaflet Developer's Guide. Leaflet is is supported by an amazing community of developers that contribute both enhancements to the core library as well as plugins that extend the core functionality of Leaflet. Need a marker clustering plugin? Or what about drawing controls? The possibilities are endless and we are proud to offer an easy way to incorporate MapQuest core services into the mix. Let us know what you think! We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, bug reports, and feature enhancement requests. Simply visit our Plugins forum on the Developer Network or tweet us @MapQuestTech. *Need a refresher on licensed data and open data? The plugins announced today operate with MapQuest licensed data, however, we are planning to release versions of the plugins that operate on Open data within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!