Did you know that MapQuest offers the ability to use our maps, geocoding, and routing with the open-source Leaflet mapping library? The interest and feedback provided during our public beta was truly overwhelming and today we are excited to announce the first production release of the MapQuest Plugins for Leaflet, utilizing both our Licensed and Open data sources. The MapQuest Plugins for Leaflet enable developers to easily integrate our most popular core services -- maps, routing, and geocoding -- to applications built with the open-source Leaflet JavaScript mapping library. What's not to like about that? Today we're offering production releases of the following plugins:
  • Maps - While many developers were already using MapQuest-OSM and Open Aerial Tiles with libraries like Leaflet and OpenLayers, we've never been able to offer access to our map tiles that are created from licensed data sources. The MapQuest Maps plugin for Leaflet allows you to do just that; it allows you to use our licensed map, satellite, and hybrid tiles with Leaflet. It's also easy to use the Leaflet layers control to switch between each map type. Don't worry, we're also offering an Open version of our Maps Plugin, which makes it even easier to add and use our Open Tiles with Leaflet.
  • Geocoding - The MapQuest Geocoding plugin for Leaflet takes care of the heavy lifting for you. You can easily integrate Licensed or Open MapQuest geocoding functionality into Leaflet, as it takes care of making requests, parsing responses, and adding results to your map.
  • Routing - With the MapQuest Routing plugin for Leaflet, you can easily integrate Licensed or Open MapQuest routing into Leaflet, including our popular draggable routes functionality. Aside from draggable routes, this plugin also offers many of the features that our developers expect, such as our extensive route options, optimized routes, and multipoint routes.
The MapQuest Plugins for Leaflet allow developers to have the best of both worlds: use of a well-supported and extremely popular JavaScript mapping library and the easy integration of the core services that MapQuest is known for. In addition to the production release, the MapQuest Plugins for Leaflet Developer's Guide has been updated to include the Try-It-Now functionality this is part of our other Developer's Guides. With Try-It-Now, developers can easily access and experiment with the code that powers each of the samples. We've also added information about accessing the plugins that utilize Open data. A key is required to use the plugins, but usage of the plugins is free, just like our other MapQuest Open services. Got questions? We've got answers. Feel free to tweet us @MapQuestTech or post a topic on our Developer Network Forums. We love to hear from our developers, so don't hesitate, get started today!