Today we are excited to announce quite a few JavaScript Maps API updates! The JavaScript Maps API v7.1.0 and Open JavaScript Maps API v7.1.0 have been officially released to production and include a great mix of new functionality as well as enhancements to existing functionality. We’ve also simplified and updated our list of currently supported browsers. First, let’s talk about new functionality. We’ve introduced new, easy-to-use routing modules to the toolkit. The new-route and new-route-collection modules include the ability to more easily customize the start and end POI icons on the route by using POIs as input to routes. We’ve also added the ability to manually create a route and add it to the map by providing the coordinates that make up the shape of the route; the bonus is that the manually created route then takes on the characteristics of a route generated by the toolkit, so features like draggable routing can be used. Be sure to check out the routing section of the JavaScript Maps API v7.1.0 Developer’s Guide to see the new routing modules in action. Better yet -- use the Try-It-Now samples to get a quick taste of working with this new functionality. Second, this release includes quite a few enhancements especially related to compatibility with browsers on mobile touch devices. From touch events to pinch zooming, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time refining the modules that support the toolkit on mobile touch devices. Updates were not limited to support for mobile touch devices; for a full recap of updates that have been made and issues that have been addressed, please refer to our release notes. Finally, the Developer’s Guide and API Reference Guide received updates as well. The Developer’s Guide includes new samples that highlight the functionality offered by the new-route and new-route-collection modules and the API Reference Guide has also been updated accordingly. We’ve also revised the look and feel of the API Reference Guide to provide a better experience for our developers by making information easier to find. We’d also like to note that all previous versions of the JavaScript Maps API (7.0.0 and 7.0.1) are officially deprecated. We encourage everyone to upgrade to version 7.1.0, which is now the current supported version of the JavaScript Maps API. Feel free to let us know what you think by posting on our Developer Network JavaScript Maps API Forum or reaching out to us on Twitter @MapQuestTech! Note: The new-route and new-route-collection modules are not the default routing modules in 7.1.0. The routing modules from the JavaScript Maps API 7.0.1 are still default in order to preserve backward compatibility, since code changes are needed to use the new-route and new-route-collection modules. For more information, see the JavaScript Maps API Developer’s Guide.