As a user of the legacy MapQuest Free & Open license, we want to let you know about upcoming changes in licensing that may affect you and your application. To ensure that we can continue to offer the best service and product lineup possible, we are transitioning to a new licensing structure that will ultimately require our users to sign up for one of the plans available on the Developer Network by Tuesday, September 15, 2015. In addition, to bring our hosted versions of Nominatim and Xapi into line with the rest of our Open Data API and SDK product line, we are going to start requiring an AppKey to be submitted with Nominatim and Xapi requests. Please find the answers to some of the questions we anticipated around these changes below. If you have additional questions about these changes, please email us Why are you moving away from offering Open services? We are not moving away from offering our users access to Open Data. We are making changes to our Open APIs and SDKs to ensure we can continue to offer our users the best possible product. We’re removing unlimited access and requiring people to sign up for an AppKey based on their specific needs. We still offer free access through a plan that limits users to 15,000 transactions per month. In addition to the Open access, our users will also have access to our licensed Data. Are you going to remove the Open Data APIs & SDKs from your product lineup? No. We will continue to offer the option of accessing our underlying services that utilize our Open Data source. However, to bring our Open Data APIs and SDKs in line with the rest of our product offering, we are no longer offering the option of unlimited use of the Open Data APIs and SDKs. How can I tell if I have a legacy Free & Open key? Legacy Free & Open keys begin with the letter ‘F’ or the letter ‘D’ and were available prior to May 1, 2015. I’m using a legacy Free & Open key. What will happen to my key? Legacy Free & Open keys will be converted to our current free plan, which is detailed on the Plans page on the Developer Network. The free plan allows access to both Licensed Data and Open Data APIs and SDKs and allows up to 15,000 transactions/month. Existing legacy Free & Open keys will be migrated to the free plan on Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Why are you requiring an AppKey for Nominatim and Xapi? Our other Open Data APIs and SDKs already require an AppKey and we want to bring Nominatim and Xapi into line with the rest of our Open Data (and Licensed Data) API and SDK product offerings. Requiring an AppKey allows us to do a few things:
  1. It gives us greater insight into how our clients and overall developer community are using our products.
  2. We can ensure that our product roadmaps are aligned with the features that are highly used and most valuable to our clients and the developer community.
  3. We can contact our clients and overall developer community to better communicate news regarding Nominatim and Xapi, such as planned maintenance or system upgrades.
We’re setting the stage to offer an even more compelling product line in the future– one that is a mixture of new products, new features, and enhanced existing features. If I don’t sign up for a new AppKey, will my service be shut off? If you are currently a legacy user with a Free & Open AppKey, we will automatically move you to our free plan. If you anticipate needing more than 15,000 transactions per month, we recommend upgrading now. If you don’t upgrade and get close to your transaction limit, we will email you with information on upgrading so there isn’t a disruption in service. If I don’t sign up for an AppKey, will my access to Nominatim and Xapi be removed? Yes. If you are accessing Nominatim and Xapi without an AppKey and do not sign up for a key by the September 15, 2015 deadline, requests to Nominatim and Xapi will fail and your application will be impacted. While Nominatim and Xapi won’t be ‘shut off,’ you will be unable to access the service without providing an AppKey with your requests. What if I need help with implementing my AppKey? Please visit the forums on our Developer Network if you have questions about providing an AppKey with your Nominatim and Xapi requests. Will the changes announced today affect the availability of your Open Map Tiles? At this time, we don’t have any changes to announce regarding our Open Map Tiles.